Public Management Reform Agenda

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PMRA objectives

The objectives of the Public Management Reform Agenda (PMRA) are to:

  • develop a resource management framework that meets the needs of modern government now and into the future
  • develop legislation that is functional, easy to understand and covers key elements of the resource management cycle with clear principles and concepts that underpin best practice
  • improve the quality of planning, performance information, evaluation and reporting within government to enhance accountability
  • implement a risk based approach to regulation within the resource management framework to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • reduce red tape in administering government activities
  • help ensure the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) operates as intended and
  • encourage entities to work cooperatively with others to achieve the government’s priorities and objectives.

It will take several years to implement the PMRA reforms and integrate them fully into the practices and processes of Commonwealth entities and companies. Gradual and staged introduction of the reforms will ensure that each element is appropriately tested and refined in light of experience and consultation. The reform process has three broad stages. Stage 1, to establish the PGPA Act, is now complete. Stage 2 is now about:

  • improving the quality of planning, performance information and evaluation within government to improve accountability to ministers, the Parliament and the public
  • encouraging Commonwealth entities to adopt risk based business processes and systems.

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Finance offers a number of ways to stay engaged with the on-going progress of the PMRA reform agenda:

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